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According to unofficial estimates, as many as 1.3 million Indian Dalits are employed as manual scavengers to clear human waste from dry pit latrines, often with their bare hands and without protective gear. Manual  scavengers are considered to be at the very bottom of the caste hierarchy and are treated as untouchables  even by other Dalits.

Caste System, which is said to be the mainstay of the Hindu social order. Hindu culture is divided into four castes. Each Hindu individual is proscribed to be a member of one caste by birth, usually connoted by the profession of his or her parent. There are the Brahmins, the highest or scholarly class—75 percent of the Indian civil service bureaucracy is Brahmin; kshatriya, the caste of the ancient kings and warriors; the vaisya, the farmers and peasants; and the sudras, the laborers.

The harijans come under the sudras,who also are treated with disdain, but not as outcasts.It is a social evil in the nation. The harijans represent in India that section of society which is not only held in the lowest esteem,but which is looked upon by the other castes as “unclean.’’ For this reason, the harijans—who are found to be the sweepers, cleaners,night soil collectors, and leather tanners—are considered as unfit for human society or co-mingling. Harijans are not permitted to taketheir water from the public wells. Intermarriage between castes and eating with a member of another caste is strictly forbidden even today by Hindu caste society.

Caste is designated by the Hindu last name.Many political parties in India have openly indulged in castebasedvote bank politics. Parties such as Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP), the Samajwadi Party and the Janata Dal claim , Pattali Makkal Katchi, Pudhiya Tamilagam and other parties arerepresenting the backward castes, and rely on OBC support,The caste system is truly a crippling disease to approximately 250 million Dalits in India today Dalits all across the nation are facing Human Rights violations , News like Dalit killed in lock-up at Kurnool”;“7 Dalits burnt alive in caste clash”; “5 Dalits lynched in Haryana”; “Dalit woman gang-raped, paraded naked”;

Dalits are not allowed to drink from the common wells meant for all the people, attend the same temples, wear shoes in the presence of an upper caste, ordrink from the same cup in tea stalls,” . India’s Untouchables are relegated to the lowest jobs, and live in constant fear of being publicly humiliated, paraded naked, beaten, and raped with impunity by uppercaste seeking to keep them in their place. Dalits are deprived to the temple worship. Dalits are neglected to cut their hair in the saloon shops. Village public resources were deprived, no rights to have a bath in the temple ponds, no graveyardfor the Dalits. Inter-caste marriage was not allowed in the Dalit community. If they get inter caste marriage they will get punishment,they treat as bonded ages.

Major Problem

Denies Change of Occupation - Caste system most probably opposes the change of work. A SC and ST can't start doing a business, agriculture etc run successfully. Even today other than Brahmins can’t enter temple goddess premises.

Untouchability Most sinful act still in practice of the 21st century. Even today you cant find deprived part of the society cant enter temple premises and many maintain distance from the lower caste don't allow inside their house.

No unity - Caste system only increases the hate, anger but never create brotherliness. Still many people of different caste have different style of living.

Lack in Social Progress - Since caste is an age old system which are followed traditionally. So people find it difficult to accept the new ideal and scientific principles.

Democracy Failure - India is the world’s largest democracy but everyday democracy fails. Even today you can't find a dalit candidate contesting in the non-dalit reserved constitution.

Women Slavery - Caste system encourages child marriage and oppose remarriage. Women are treated only as sex machine. Caste system is like a Hitler fascism principle. No caste in India respect women rights and there feelings.

Communal Violence -Caste system keeps on suppressing a section of people. It forces lower caste people to take weapons in their hand. Naxalite, maoist etc movements are just a aggression of lower caste people on economic inequality.


Difficulties faced by Dalits in day to day life


Representation: ND - Non Dalit, D - Dalit



Water for Drinking

·Public pub

·Village wells

·Water for Panchayat members

·Water pot in school

·Water tap located in non-Dalit (hereafter ND) area


Private Sector Discrimination


·Dalit as shop owner

·Drinking water supply

·Employment in home-based industry

·Hiring cooking pots for wedding


·Private owner transport system

·Private doctor service in


·Street lights



·Dalit religious places


·Mata no Madh


·Religious services by ND



·Services of Dalit (hereafter D) holy women/men

·Temple entry

·Temple inauguration

·Touching worship articles

Caste-based Occupations

·Collect kafan in cemetery




·Disposal of carcass



·Saad/voice calling


·Tying festoons


·Accidental body touch

·Bidi smoke passing towards ND

·D teacher touch ND child

·Eave-teasing Dalit women

·Entering ND house

·Shaking hands

·Sitting on cot/chair

·Smoking pipe


·Sprinkle of water from Dalit body

·Sprinkle on money at shop

·Sprinkle water on home entry

·Touching food

·Touching vegetables in shop

·Touching water pots/utensils


Prohibitions and Social Sanctions

·Attending Panchayat Meetings

·Calling Bapu

·Drive Through the Village in Vehicle

·Hiring House in ND Locality

·In shirt/ornaments/glasses

·Inter-caste Marriage

·Mundan on Baa's Death

·Musical Instruments for Wedding

·Participating Navratri Garba

·Passing ND area with Dead Body


·Sitting on Horse

·Touching feet of baa Dalit Bride

·Vacate Seat in Bus

·Sitting together in school

·Walk on public road


·Washing ghats

Access to Public Facilities and Institutions

·Burial ground

·Bus services

·Chair for Dalit Talati

·Chair for elected Sarpanch

·Dalit Midwife/nurse

·Dalit postman

·Equal treatment to Dalit


·Gauchar land access

·Gramsabha participation

·Halt at Dharmshala

·Midwife for Dalits

·Milk dairy

·Multi-purpose co-op soc.

·Panchayat office


·Primary health center

·Public bathing places

·Ration shop

·Sitting on Chaura

Access to Public Facilities and Institutions

·Burial ground

·Bus services

·Chair for Dalit Talati

·Chair for elected Sarpanch

·Dalit Midwife/nurse

·Dalit postman

·Equal treatment to Dalit teachers

·Gauchar land access

·Gramsabha participation

·Halt at Dharmshala

·Midwife for Dalits

·Milk dairy

·Multi-purpose co-op soc.

·Panchayat office


·Primary health center

·Public bathing places

·Ration shop

·Sitting on Chaura

·Sitting together in school

·Walk on public roadsidestepping

·Washing ghats


Food and Beverage

·At village tea stalls

·Community meals in village

·Dalit cook in mid-day meal

·Food for laborers in farm

·Food for ND beggars

·Liquor pub

·Mid-day meal


·Soda pub

·Tea for Dalits in ND houses

·Tea for Panchayat members

·Vadu for scavengers


Prayer Points:


1.Pray that this social evil should be eradicated from the churches and Missions.

2.Pray that people who are addicted to caste system and torturing people without mercy should repent and saved

3.Pray that Lord will change all curses of poverty & bless the people

4.Pray that eyes of people should be opened and come to know truth

5.Pray that all injustice things should be change and there should be overflowing of justice


Source: Navsarjan Trust, the Center for Human Rights and Global Justice, the International Dalit Solidarity Network, Wikipedia

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