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“You shall not commit adultery- Exodus 20:14.

But a man who commits adultery lacks judgment; whoever does so

destroys himself. -Proverbs 6:32


There are estimated to be over 9, 00,000 sex workers in India.30% are believed to be children. Number of children involved in prostitution is increasing at 8 to 10% per annum. 15% of the prostitutes in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Calcutta, Hyderabad and Bangalore are children & 30% of the prostitutes in these 6 cities are under 20 years of age. Nearly half of them became commercial sex workers when they were minors. Conservative estimates state that around 3, 00,000 children in India are suffering commercial sexual abuse, which includes working in pornography. Mumbai has now 24 70,000 vulnerable children walking on the street child prostitution on rise with AIDS. Increased numbers of children and young virgin being forced into prostitution. In India, sexual exploitation of children has its roots in traditional practices, beliefs and gender discrimination. According to some research, child prostitution is socially acceptable in some sections of Indian society through the practice of Devdasi. Young girls are given to the ‘gods’ and they become a religious prostitute.

There are believed to be around 3300 devdasis in Belgaum area alone. The fear of HIV/AIDS has increased the demand for virgins and children. Government statistics put the number of people infected with HIV at 3.5million, indicating approximately 3 out of every 100 Indians are now infected with the virus which leads to AIDS. About7,000 sex workers cross over from Nepal into India every year. They may be sold by their parents, deceived with promises of marriage or a lucrative job or kidnapped and sold to brothel owners.


Many surveys have been conducted to find out the extent of child prostitution. Dr. Gilada's paper on perspectives and positional problems of social intervention" shows that,
"70% of women are forced into prostitution and 20% of these are child prostitutes."

Statistics of the survey done show:-

City Population Prostitute Population

Bombay 10 million 100,000

Calcutta 9 million 100,000

Delhi 7 million 40,000

Agra 3 million 40,000

A survey conducted by Indian Health Organization of a red light area of Bombay shows:-

1. 20% of the one lakh prostitutes are children.
2. 25% of the child prostitutes had been abducted and sold.
3. 6% had been raped and sold.
4. 8% had been sold by their fathers after forcing them into incestuous relationships.
5. 2 lakh minor girls between ages 9yrs-20yrs were brought every year from Nepal to India and 20,000 of them are in Bombay brothels.
6. 15% to 18% are adolescents between 13 yrs and 18 yrs.
7. 15% of the women in prostitution have been sold by their husbands
8. Of 200m suffering from sexually transmitted diseases in the world 50m alone were in India.
9. 15% of them are devdasis.

Major Problem

Around 1.2 million children are believed to be involved in prostitution in India,

Every hour, four women and girls in India enter prostitution, three of them against their will.

Devdasi system:- many of the devdasis are the girls who were dedicated to the Goddess Yellamma by their parents at a very young age. They are the servants of God as they are married to the Goddess. This ceremony takes place twice a year. The main one is during the second fortnight of January at Karnatakas  Saudatti village in South West of Miraj. Once the girl is married to a Goddess she cannot marry a mortal.

The procurers frequent the place in order to get the fresh supplies of girls as 4000 to 5000 girls are dedicated every year to the Goddess.

Prayer Points:

1 Pray that God would deliver all children and youngsters who are addicted to these bondages.

2 Pray for God’s mercy upon our land and cleanse our people from sin

3 Pray and Bind all adultery spirits cause people to commit sin against Lord

4 Pray for the salvation of brokers and clients who are involved in these activity

5 Pray that more ministers of God should be raised to minister among them and lead them into Christ

6 Pray that people in India should have fear of God and repent from wicked ways and should do no more sin

7 Pray that people should come to cross and live a life of sins Forgiven 

 Source: National Crime Records Bureau ,Wikipedia, The Times of India (Bombay.), Indian Express (Bombay), Sunday Observer. The Daily,

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