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“Therefore what God has joined together, let man not separate…Anyone who divorces his wife and marries another woman commitsadultery against her. And if she divorces her husband and marries another man, she commits adultery.”- Mark 10: 9-12

 11 marriages out of 1,000 marriages end up to divorce in India. Divorce rate is about 12.5%. This rate, in recent years, has increased tremendously. The following are the divorce rates in many nations, Sweden – 54.9%, United States – 54.8%, Russia – 43.3%,United Kingdom – 42.6 and Germany – 39.4%. New Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata have recently seen a spike in divorce applications, with New Delhi - 9000 additional applications in last year.

Mumbai showing a 40% divorce rate for recent marriages, Bangalore gets 25divorce cases daily. 30% increase in divorce rates. Less than 3 years of marriage is under threat of divorce. More alarming is the fact that nearly 50% of those seeking divorce are below 35 years of age. 40 % of the divorce cases filed in Chennai was by professionalsin the IT/ITES sector and the people from the film industry. More and more churches are witnessing divorces now days. Financial freedom, lack of time at home, erratic working hours, work pressure, financial security and stress., busy working and returns only late in the night. Ego between partners, No communication, Stress, Not satisfied with each other,mistrust, abnormal behavior, Extra-marital affair, family property disputes, Desertion, Cruelty, Impotency, and Chronic Disease etc

 Major problem

Major reasons why marriages fail or people get divorced are given below

 ·High Expectations



 ·Low Tolerance and Rigidity

 ·Dowry and Harassment

 ·Lack of Commitment

 ·Lack of Physical Attraction

 ·Family Pressures

 ·Lack of communication


 ·Sexual Incompatibility

·Family Background

 Prayer Points:

1.Pray that curses of divorce should be removed from India

2.Pray that division among families should be changed and oneness should come between life partners.

3.Pray that people should come to know about truth and live peaceful life.

4.Pray that the church should start more counseling centers for the families. 

 Sources: Wikipedia. National Family Health Surveys

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