Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.- Mat 11:28

 “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear..- Mat 6:25 

Family problems, unemployment, failure in examinations, poverty and dowry disputes are reasons for people succumbing to the urge to commit suicide. Incidence and Rate of Suicides during the Decade (2000-2010), More than one lakh persons (1,34,599) in the ,country lost their lives by

committing suicide during the year 2010. This indicates an increase of 5.9%

over the previous year's figure (1, 27,151) in India every year (contributes

10% of suicides in the World). Of the 19 students who commit suicide each

day in India, six kill themselves fearing failure in examinations. 39 of every

100 family suicides reported across India take place in God’s own country.

Suicide is also due to increase burden of debts and to loan problem. Banks are to be blamed to a large extent for providing loans so easily. The customers fall trap and take huge loans and when they are unable to pay they end up taking the drastic step. More and More farmers in the states of Maharashtra, Karnataka and other states committed suicides in the last few years due to crop fail ( due to insufficient rainfall) and increase of debts.


One of the shocking news is that more and more children under the age of 13 are committing suicides due to increase pressure to excel in their academics. Most suicide cases in the city are related to stress; several patients, especially from the IT and BPO industry, complain that they are unable to survive with their work. (Extended work timings, competition and, most importantly, insecurity at work are contributing to an increase in people’s stress levels Family conflicts, domestic violence, academic failures, and unfulfilled romantic ideals.

 Voracious appetite for high-end consumer goods urged by moneylenders and hire-purchase schemes.15 Family conflicts, domestic violence, academic failures, and unfulfilled romantic ideals. Failure of crops, huge debt burdens, growing costs of cultivation, and shrinking yield. Alcohol abuse, financial instability and disintegration of traditional social support mechanisms are some of the reasons for suicides.

Suicides per dayStatistics 2010 Clock

Male – 239

Female – 130 (69 were House-wives)

Family problems: 87

Illness: 78

Love Affairs: 11

Poverty and Dowry: 8

Failure in Examination: 7

Bankruptcy: 7

Unemployment: 6

Age group 0-29 years: 139

Age group 30-44 years: 123

Age group 45 years & above: 107

Total Suicides per day: 942 peoples

 Prayer Points:

 1.   Pray that God would reveal Himself to these kinds of people graciously

2.   Pray that people in worries and depression should come to presence of God and get great joy

3.   Pray for deliverance of people who are in problem like stress, debt issues etc...

4.   Bind all unclean spirits cause suicidal thoughts and push into wrong decision

5.    Pray that IT people in worries should come to know about God get redemption 

 Source: National Crime Records Bureau Database, Wikipedia