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There will always be poor people in the land. Therefore I command you to be open handed toward your brothers and toward the poor and needy in your land. - Deuteronomy 15:11


In India more than 74% of Indians live in 638,365 different villages. The level of poverty and illiteracy in India is frightening! More than 1/4 of the population of one billion is poor, and 35% is illiterate. This illiteracy is leading to early marriages, over population, poor sanitation, etc. Literacy is very essential for the economic development of our country.


 Many villages lack basic health care facilities. Many rural people in India are forced to leave the villages and migrate to the nearest towns/cities because of the poor infrastructural facilities. (Lack of drinking water, sanitation, medical facilities, and lack of basic roads and irrigation facilities are some of the main reasons why people are leaving the villages).


 There are many schools without the basic infrastructural facilities like class rooms, benches and tables, library, science lab, electricity, sports equipment and other essential supplies. Due to this many schools are unable to provide quality education. In many cases, parents don’t have any education to guide their children in their studies. They also can’t afford to send them to any private tuition classes or provide any other additional support. Due to this, many students are not able to get through even 10th class. Many schools do not have toilet facilities.


This is a serious problem, especially for girls. Older girls drop out of school because of this. No hygiene is practiced in the preparation and distribution of mid-day meals. The Government is supposed to provide us free textbooks, uniforms, mid day meals etc but many students do not receive. Due to this, many of them are not able to participate in schooling, In many parts of rural India, due to the acute water scarcity during the summer, children have to walk long distances to fetch water. Several days in a month, they have to walk long distances to fetch the groceries. During these days they are forced to absent ourselves from school.


Even though there are health centres, the doctors are hardly available. These centres do not have even basic facilities, the doctors are very irregular & hardly make any village visits. The doctors and the nurses are not supposed to charge any fees for their treatment, but they do. There is neither a church nor has any missionary been in more than 3 Lakhs of villages.


Major Problem 

·Problem of language

·Economic gaps

·Socio-political difficulties

·Inadequacy of heath structure

·Stringency of audit

·High inflation rates

·Poor girl child education

·Balance of Payments deterioration

·High levels of debt

·Inequality has risen rather than decreased

·Large Budget Deficit

·Rigid labour Laws


Prayer Points:


1.Pray for God’s rule and mercy would come upon all the villages in India

2.Pray that God would forgive all our iniquities and transgression & heal the land

3.Pray for people who are lacking with basic needs such as food, dress, shelter and other health care facilities

4.Pray that all villagers should come to know truth and saved.

5.Pray that more churches should be built and care villages people such as education, good deeds etc

Source: census 2011Report, Wikipedia, Times of India

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