Women Issues

“Speak this word to them: ‘Let my eyes overflow with tears night andday without ceasing; for my virgin daughter my people has suffered agrievous wound, a crushing blow”.- Jer 14:17

Nearly half the population of the nation is women. They are more religious and are custodians of tradition and culture in the homes. The President of India is a Woman and moreover at present 4 states in India is ruled by women Chief Ministers. 

Yet the women in India are treated as the second rate citizens and the recent Supreme Court verdicts states girl child in India as a liability. No matter what goes wrong in the society the women and Children are most affected. There are only 933 Women for every 1000 men because of the abortion of girl babies in the nation. Girls living in Urban and Semi Urban regions are very vulnerable to harassment, eve teasing and rapes. Working women face harassment in work places from male colleagues and bosses.

They face harassment at homes as the husband doubts their fidelity and make them work at homes also. Illegal Trafficking of Women is one of the thriving industries in our nation. Young women are trafficked from Manipur, Assam, Nepal and other states are lured for better salary and job and are sold in cities as call girls. Most cases of molestation or eve-teasing go unreported and even when a complaint is lodged police and judicial actions are inadequate and half hearted. The other major area of concern in regard to crimes against women is dowry harassment and deaths. There is increase number of dowry death in the nation. On an average there is one dowry death every hour in this land and 10 minutes. 50 million women suffer violence at homes but only 0.1% reports it to authorities. Urban professional women now marry between ages 26-30. 97% of people who rape the women have no punishment.

More than 56000 rape cases have no case registered in India.

 Major Problems

 1.Sexual Harassment, Abuse, Rape, Pornography


3.Sati-Sati is the practice through which widows are voluntarily or forcibly burned alive on their husband's funeral pyre

4.Abortion, Female Infanticide, Foeticide, Son preference- According to a recent report by the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) up to 50 million girls and women are missing from India' s population as a result of systematic gender discrimination in India. Inmost countries in the world, there are approximately 105 female births for every 100 males.

5.Crime Against Children-According to a BBC report in February 2013, more than 7,200 children are raped each year in India. Underage victims who do report the assaults are often subjected to mistreatment and humiliation from the police

6.Prostitution- many innocent victims are forced into prostitution by their husbands or relatives. Some are tricked or enticed into prostitution

7.Domestic Violence- can be described as when one adult in a relationship misuses power to control another. It is the establishment of control and fear in a relationship through violence and other forms of abuse. The violence may involve physical abuse, sexual assault and threats. Sometimes it’s more subtle, like making someone feel worthless, not letting them have any money, or not allowing them to leave the home. Social isolation and emotional abuse can have long-lasting effects as well as physical violence.

8.Cyber Crime Internet-Stalking or being 'followed' are problems that many people, especially women, are familiar with. Sometimes these problems (harassment & stalking) can occur over the Internet

Prayer Points:

1.Pray for the protection of girl children in India.

2.Pray for the protection of teen age girls from the eve teasing, harassment and abuses.

3.Pray that every man will treat women with dignity and honor.

4.Pray that more Women welfare schemes will be implemented by the government.

5.Pray that that the church will be an example in honoring women and encourage women in the ministry and church affairs.

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